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Since all our plants are grown from our local nursery your average price for installing plants can be cheaper than purchasing them at retail price at your local store. Save your money and your backs by letting us fix your landscaping! 


Watering is the most important factor to keep your investment green and healthy. Sprinklers are the easiest way to have your yard stay nice and prevent you from thinking about your landscaping in Florida’s unpredictable rain droughts. 

Artificial Turf 

If you want instant green without having to worry about maintenance and watering then artificial turf is the best way to go. While creating a green space it also gives you a comfortable area to enjoy without worrying about getting dirty. 


Create functionality with an artistic walkway around your yard. We offer a large variety of options you can choose from to create a pathway that works for you. 

Landscape Design

Designing your landscape garden is the most important factor that can bring your yard to its fullest potential.


Sod Installation

Sodding will instantly make your lawn the greenest on your block to wow all your neighbors. Sodding is not easy and required lots of experience to have it done the correct way to ensure longitivtiy. Hire us to resod your yard and you will have the best lawn that stays green. 

Outdoor Lighting

The perfect combination of lighting can transform an outdoor space into an oasis. Bring your yards best features out at night by highlighting trees, shrubs, stonework and walkways. We can help you explore your best lighting options for your layout. 

Mulch/Rock Install 

Simply changing out your landscape beds with new mulch or rock can make big difference without emptying out your wallets. 

Tree Trimming 

Keep your palms and trees pruned and maintained so that you keep your property looking clean! 

Tree Removal 

We take safety as our number one priority, especially when it comes to removing a tree. There are several steps when it comes to safely removing a bad tree and the Dirt Boyz can help you get the job done the right way!

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